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Moving Countries - Emigrating and Relocation
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Welcome to Moving Countries

Welcome to Moving Countries, where you can ask all the questions you have about moving countries. No matter whether you wnat to move to Spain, Australia, USA or even China, we will try and do our best to help you.

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Re: Moving to SpainRe: Moving to Spain by jon edwards (29-Dec 08:57)
im 16 and thinking about moving to spain, wat are the requrements of me moving there e.g a visa or p...

Re: Emigrating to USARe: Emigrating to USA by Rob (13-Nov 02:35)
I'm 17 and leaving college in july and september 2009 i will be 18, at 18 could i move to america be...

Re: gte me out of hereRe: gte me out of here by Jon (11-Sep 17:09)
we are looking at Canada as well. Although you've gotta be ok with the cold! A friend grew up in Ca...

gte me out of heregte me out of here by james (08-Jul 19:28)
I'm fed up with the UK. No matter how hard you work you get taxed into the ground. I heard that Cana...

Re: Moving to SpainRe: Moving to Spain by vbb (28-Feb 11:45)
We are thinking of moving to Spain as well, but not sure about what to do with schools for the child...

Emigrating to USAEmigrating to USA by usa (25-Jan 15:37)
In recent years, the rules for moving to the USA have changed, due to world events. The latest deta...

Re: Moving to SpainRe: Moving to Spain by kl (15-Sep 19:14)
I think you can just do it. You might need to register at the local town hall (or whatever it's cal...

Moving to SpainMoving to Spain by Sarah (05-Sep 14:37)
I need to get this clear in my head. Can I move to Spain without any kind of Visa required? I would...

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